The E.P. Advantage


How can you, as a candidate, receive the “E.P. Advantage”?  Well, have you ever asked yourself the question, what is the number ONE advantage of utilizing a staffing agency over applying directly to a company yourself?  Well the answer is.. RELATIONSHIPS.  People fail to realize that the larger the corporation & more common the skill-set the more people will apply.  This means that with such a high volume of applicants with a company hiring for more than just one person at a time, this becomes one of the many responsibilities of the HR person that reviews your resume.  By the time the reviewal, forwarding over to the hiring manager, getting a response from the hiring manager, setting up the phone screen, having the HR person give the feedback to the line manager on how the phone screen went, scheduling a time for a face to face for the affirmed candidate this could be a 1-2 week time period lapse.  Well imagine if there was already an established relationship directly with the person who was in charge of hiring?  Imagine if you could utilize the reputation of a company to add credibility to an already attractive skill-set.  Well, now you can & Executive Placements is the firm to do it with!  Executive Placements has some of the strongest relationships in the business. Working with us can not only better your professional career, but improve your business relationships.  We have 20+ years invested into this industry to help develop the key relationships that you need.

Work Options

What are you currently looking for in your job/career search? Are you looking for a project to help further your experience or gain some extra income? Do you enjoy filling your time with a variety of projects & environments? Are you looking to join a new company with the comfort of having the chance to learn the company, co-workers, and environments before you make a full commitment? Or maybe you are looking for a change, but want to keep this confidential until the right opportunity finds you. Executive Placements offers all 4 of these great options which means we can allow you to pick only the most ideal working scenarios.

Your Certification

With the “E.P. Advantage” you get the benefit of relationships, options to choose from, and most importantly the E.P. Certification (™). Our certification is something employers not only look for, but more importantly gives you the stamp of approval from industry experts.


Executive Placements is an Equal Opportunity Employer.