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Executive Process

A common word that is utilized in the staffing industry is “Vetting Process”. Every company, and rightfully so, prides themselves in their vetting process. Each company with it’s own unique spin on how they do it. Here at Executive Placements, we do not claim to have the “best” vetting process, but we confidently believe in what our process accomplishes.

Our process goes SIX layers deep. We begin by Resume Screening, focusing on specific accomplishments within the field. Then we conduct a Phone Screen where we have a chance to speak to the individual about previous positions, diversity of skill-set, industry experience, and much more. We then have a face-to-face interview with the candidate. This can be done in our office or via Skype, as we understand the busy schedule of working professionals and appreciate that! After completing the face-to-face interview, we then put each candidate through our E.P. Certification Process(™). This is an effective & unique approach to identifying the very best Sales & Marketing professionals in the field. We then complete this process by performing a Background Check & Drug Test per each client’s request.

What’s the outcome of having a candidate go through a process that is SIX layers deep? We can present each & every candidate to every client with the highest level of confidence in the industry!

E.P. Certification

The E.P. Certification is a Trademarked process that was uniquely created by the executive team at Executive Placements.  With over 20 years of combined experience in the industry we were able to craft a precise, effective, and creative way to ensure we represent the very best of the best!

The E.P. Certification measures 6 very distinct & critical areas for each sales & marketing professional.  It measures:

  1. Body Language
  2. Customer Adaptation
  3. Conversational Control
  4. Hot Spot Identification
  5. Wow Factor
  6. Overall Customer Experience

Our certification process begins from the time the candidate steps foot into our office.  In sales & marketing you never know what role the person you are talking to plays within that organization, so we hold every candidate to that same standard.  Once we have completed the interview portion in which we get a chance to detail the candidate’s skill-set, career goals, and accomplishments, we then move into a live sales scenario-based certification process where we are able to identify the key attributes of the very best sales & marketing professionals.

Internal Careers

Have you ever wanted to be a part of something special? Have you often wondered what would your career had been like if you began with your company from Day 1? Well, Executive Placements is proud to present BOTH opportunities!

We offer career changing training & professional development programs on top of endless Advancement Opportunities. What do you bring to the table? Well, if you have always wanted to positively impact people’s lives on a daily basis, then this could be the career for you! We offer career paths in Recruiting, Office Management, and Sales. We are dedicated to providing a fun, growing, exciting, and support based work environment.

Do you feel like you want to advance your career with a growing company in the fields of Recruiting, Office Management, or Sales? Then Apply Today!

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